About Us

About Us

Telekom Media Sp z o.o. was founded in 1988. At the beginning of our operation we specialized in creating unique telecommunication systems on individual orders of demanding clients. However, over time the Internet has become our main field of activity. We design and produce web and desktop applications, distributed database systems , online stores. We undertake even the most complex orders from demanding customers.

Our software supports business processes within the customer’s organization by automating them. We create IT systems in accordance with customers’ specifications and best suited to their needs.

Each project implemented by Telekom Media Sp z o.o. is subject to constant supervision by administrative employees of the company and can be constantly developed and adjusted to meet the growing needs and expectations of customers. We remain in constant contact with the customer and help identify business processes that can be most effectively automated.


C# + WPF
Visual Basic
JavaScript Node.js
WebServices Rest-JSON



  • CRM and ERP
  • CMS
  • browser-based online games
  • database systems
  • web applications
  • desktop applications

Telecommunication systems

  • call centers
  • mail servers
  • access gateways
  • database servers
  • file servers
  • financial transaction servers

Integration with financial services

  • credit cards
  • internet wallets
  • transaction management


  • monitoring software
  • securing databases
  • securing financial transactions


We offer comprehensive solutions including:
  • design and development of web and desktop applications
  • applications testing
  • implementation of ICT systems
  • ICT systems maintenance
  • designing corporate networks
  • network management
  • network security
  • integration of financial services
  • integration of IT services


We create websites from simple one-page presentations of companies and products to advanced web sites such as portals and online stores. Our projects are distinguished by modern, functional design, responsiveness and user-friendly CMS panels allowing quick and easy content management. We work with the client at all stages of the development and functioning of the website, not only while designing and creating it, but also in terms of its maintenance, updating and search engine optimisation.

Our most advanced Internet projects include a health portal Poradnia.pl containing several thousands of articles related to health, beauty and well-being. The portal was created in 2001 and since then it has won many loyal users. The portal also contains an online store.

Other challenging projects that we have successfully completed were two browser-based MMO games, Golf Manager Live and Runners Manager Live, that allow users to play the role of sports club managers.

Online stores

We create online stores based on original programming as well as on popular e-commerce systems. Our solutions help our customers achieve their sales targets, and at the same time provide users with maximum convenience for shopping.

With easy-to-use administration panel, any changes to the site are done in an intuitive way. The panel allows the administrator to manage the site's content, assortment, inventory, orders and customer database. Sales and inventory reports are automatically generated with minimal user involvement.

The stores we build are based on responsive web design technology so they can be viewed on any mobile or desktop device. They are also integrated with online payment systems such as Dotpay or Transferuj.pl.

Database systems

About Us

We have many years of experience in developing database applications. The applications that we have implemented enable computerization of an organization in such areas as personal information management, customer databases, storage, marketing, sales and the circulation of documents.

Graphical user interfaces (GUI) integrated with the database, through an intuitive navigation, offer our customers easy access to data, enabling them to create documents and generate all kinds of statistics, reports or analyzes. We create database systems using such technologies as: MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DBM, Oracle, MS SQL, FOX PRO.

Telecommunication systems (Call Center)

About Us

Telekom Media Sp z o.o. develops programs for the operation and administration of databases integrated with the created Call Center systems, the use of which significantly improves the quality of services provided by our customers. Participation in the process of creating an integrated database system guarantees the customer a direct influence on how it will ultimately function.

To date Telekom Media Sp z o.o. has implemented a number of projects in the field of telecommunications and ICT systems integration for small and medium-sized enterprises. The most successful implementations include, among others, complex systems to support call centers and telemarketing, enabling precise tracking of call statistics, also in real time, which considerably improves the quality of operator teams management.


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About Us

Telekom Media Sp z o.o.

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Gdańsk 80-755
tel.: +48 58 765 95 72

Data Protection Officer

Piotr Gontarski

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